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A digital fitness platform to lose weight, get in form and eat healthy! ‘Workit Fitness’ allows users to earn Bitcoin in exchange for daily steps and heart beat activity. Download our mobile app and access dozens of workout plans, healthy vegan meal plans, fitness tools and many other features. Personalize workouts and complete programs suitable for your fitness level.

Earn For Steps & Heartbeat Activity

Workit Fitness will rewards its users with satoshis (the smallest denomination of bitcoin, equivalent to 100 millionth of a bitcoin) which is 100% transferable, spendable and storable.

Challenges & Competition & Bets

You can challenge your friends and compete for satoshis! Bet on yourself that you can can complete the challenge milestones in time. Earn NFTs for personal milestone achievements!

Listen to our Podcasts!

The Workit Fitness Podcast is an educational, honest, and entertaining exploration of the fascinating world of physical abilities.

LN Implementation

Workit Fitness uses Bitcoins’ layer-2 protocol the ‘lightning network’ to complete any type of transaction. Bitcoins Withdrawals are available after a minimum threshold is met. You can spend your earned money within the app or transfer it to an outside wallet.

NFT Rewards

If you achieve certain milestones, your account will receive a free NFT that will be issued on the Lightning Network. NFTs can be traded as the owner wishes. It also grants some voting capabilities for the Workit Platform

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Workit Fitness actively publishes healthy recipes, informational & educational content, eBooks and system updates! ‘Workit Fitness’ aims to educate its reader about the core principals like, “quality over quantity”, “progressive overload”, “calorie deficit”, “bodyweight fitness”, etc. You can navigate yourself to the category or directly open a recent article here!