• Sissy Squat: Form, Alternatives, Machine

    Sissy squat workout demonstration (with a weight plate)

    Don’t let the name fool you; the sissy squat is one of the most challenging and practical lower body exercises you can learn. It is excellent for building massive quads, and though it may get you some funny looks when performing it in the gym, you’ll soon realise just how great an exercise can be!

  • Wrist Curls: Benefits, Muscles Worked, Variations, and More

    wrist curls exercise demonstration

    The wrist curl is an isolation exercise targeting the forearm wrist flexor muscles. Despite being used primarily for hypertrophic purposes, wrist curls can also provide various other benefits, such as improved grip strength, increased wrist bone density, and strength carry-over to many other upper body exercises. 

  • Diamond Push-Ups: The Definitive Guide

    The diamond push-up is a variation of the standard push-up that transfers the focus from the chest to the triceps. While the triceps are the primary worker, this exercise activates the chest, shoulders, and core.