Grape Smoothie: Recipe, Calories, Nutritions


This easy and refreshing Grape Smoothie recipe is a fast four-ingredient breakfast full of essential vitamins and minerals. It tastes like dessert but is secretly incredibly healthy! 

Choose black or red grapes, then add a frozen banana, unsweetened almond milk, and your favorite yogurt for an unexpected, nutritious drink. 

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    Nutritional Facts

    Each serving of this homemade smoothie contains the following nutritional facts:

    Calories311 kcal
    Protein11.3 g
    Fat6.1 g
    Fiber4 g
    Daily recommended intake of vitamin C17%
    • 311 calories
    • 4 grams of dietary fiber
    • 11.3 grams of protein
    • 6.1 grams of fat
    • 17% of your daily recommended intake of vitamin C

    These nutrition facts reflect the smoothie made with plain whole-milk Greek yogurt and unsweetened almond milk fortified with vitamins D and E. 


    This is a super-fast smoothie to make in a high-speed blender. Simply add all of the ingredients (1 cup of black or red grapes, 1 frozen banana, ¼ cup unsweetened almond milk, and ⅓ cup of your favorite yogurt) to a blender and purée until smooth. 

    For a thicker, fluffier smoothie, use Greek yogurt. You can add more for a denser consistency. Or, for a lighter, runnier smoothie, use plain regular yogurt and/or more almond milk. 

    For more effortless blending, break or cut the banana into smaller chunks. And if you’re having trouble blending it into a smooth texture, add a bit more milk until it blends easily. 

    Health Benefits of Grape Smoothies

    Although this smoothie recipe is only four simple ingredients, it’s surprisingly full of nutrients. From calcium and protein in the yogurt to vitamin K and potassium in the grapes and bananas, everything you add to your blender includes a healthy dose of essential vitamins and minerals. 

    Health Benefits of Grapes

    Grapes might not be a typical ingredient in fruit smoothies. But once you try this recipe and read more about the fruit’s nutritional profile, you might be hooked!

    Grapes are naturally full of water, which makes them hydrating Being well-hydrated is necessary for a range of bodily functions, including digestion, skin health, heart health, and brain health. 

    These fruits are also full of vitamin K, an essential nutrient for healthy blood clotting. Without enough vitamins Kin your diet, your body may take longer to heal from even minor cuts and wounds. There’s also plenty of vitamin C in grapes. One cup offers over one-quarter of your daily recommended value of this immune-boosting vitamin. But vitamin C isn’t’ just for warding off illness and external threats. It also plays a role in keeping your skin bright, supple, and young and keeping your bones healthy and strong. 

    Health Benefits of Bananas

    While grapes might be less common in smoothie recipes, bananas are staples in creamy, fiber-filled recipes. And for a good reason. Especially when they’re frozen, bananas add incredible texture and natural sweetness to any blended drink. 

    Of course, we can’t overlook their impressive list of nutritional benefits! Bananas happen to be one of the best food sources of vitamin B6. One banana offers about 25% of your daily recommended value of this essential vitamin. B6 allows your metabolism to run efficiently. 

    It also aids in red blood cell production, which means that your body can keep your organs and tissues well oxygenated and supplied with nutrients. In addition, B6 helps convert the carbohydrates and fats you eat into energy. This energy becomes usable by your muscles and cells, enabling them to function robustly. 

    You’ll also get plenty of potassium from the banana in this smoothie. Potassium is an electrolyte essential for your neurological system to operate smoothly. This bodily system enables muscles, nerves, and bones to work as you direct them to. It even helps regulate your heartbeat.  

    Health Benefits of Yogurt

    The most nutritionally-beneficial yogurt you can add to your smoothie, or any meal, is unsweetened. Flavored yogurts, even fruit-flavored, are often full of added sugars in the form of preserves. Skip the unnecessary calories and empty carbohydrates by choosing a plain, unsweetened variety. 

    And for more protein, choose Greek over regular yogurt. Adding greek yogurt to your grape smoothie adds 15 grams of protein per cup. Protein helps build strong muscles and repair damage caused by exercise. It also keeps you satiated and full, making you less likely to reach for unhealthy foods or give in to cravings. 

    Greek yogurt is also an excellent source of calcium. Calcium is essential for building a robust skeletal system and avoiding future age-related bone loss and disease. It also strengthens your teeth to prevent cavities and other tooth decay. 

    Health Benefits of Unsweetened Almond Milk

    As with yogurt, selecting unsweetened almond milk is an excellent way to cut back on added sugars in your diet. And you won’t need the added sweeteners in this fruit smoothie. Banana and grapes are naturally sweet all on their own. 

    From a nutritional standpoint, unsweetened almond milk is an excellent source of potassium, calcium, vitamin E, and vitamin D. For the most bang for your buck, nutritionally speaking, select an almond milk brand fortified with these essential nutrients. In particular, vitamin D can be hard to get enough of. 

    We most readily absorb vitamin D directly from the sun, but if you live in an area without solid sunlight for part or all of the year, you’re likely deficient in this nutrient. Instead of supplementing with a pill, choosing fortified foods like almond milk and breakfast cereal can help close the gap in your vitamin D needs during darker or colder times of the year in particular. 

    The great part about this smoothie is that it combines real-dairy yogurt with almond milk. This means you get all of the calcium and protein of greek yogurt but limit the overall calories in the drink by using almond milk instead of regular dairy milk.

    Of course, if you don’t usually buy almond milk or have another form of milk on hand, you can easily substitute the almond milk with regular dairy milk, soy, cashew, hemp, or oat milk. Note that it may somewhat change the smoothie’s nutritional value listed above. 

    Storage Recommendations

    Drink your grape smoothie fresh out of the blender for the best taste, looks, and texture. However, if you need to store it or have leftovers, you can keep them in an airtight container or bottle in the fridge for up to one day. If you notice that the drink has separated while it was stored, you can pour it back into the blender and puree it again. If it’s much runnier than you like, add a few ice cubes to chill and firm up the texture. 

    To store the individual smoothie ingredients, follow these tips:

    • Grapes can be stored on the counter for one day or in the fridge for up to seven days. For best results, keep them on their vine. Grapes should be firm and plump with no soft spots or visible bruises. You can also freeze grapes for this smoothie, which will make it thicker and creamier. 
    • Bananas should be stored at room temperature. Enjoy them when they’re dark yellow with a few brown spots for the best flavor and texture. You can freeze bananas at any stage of ripeness, but note that the fruit will not ripen further. If you like the natural sweetness of ripe bananas, let the fruit darken before storing it in the freezer. You can peel it before or after freezing. But if you peel it first, it’s best to keep the bananas in a plastic bag to avoid freezer burn. 
    • Almond milk should be kept refrigerated after opening and enjoyed within seven days of opening. We recommend unsweetened almond milk for this smoothie, as added sugars have adverse health effects. 
    • Likewise, store your yogurt in the refrigerator and enjoy it within seven days of opening or within the expiration period stamped on the container. 


    This unexpected combination of grapes, banana, almond milk, and yogurt is a surprisingly delicious and nutritious breakfast smoothie. Packed with vitamins, minerals, and macronutrients that support a healthy metabolism, skeletal system, and heart, you can’t go wrong with this smoothie!